Part of profits goes to World Land Trust - protecting threatened habitats and endangered species

to see the world in a grain of sand

and heaven in a wild flower

Welcome to Microcosmic!

'The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper'.  In the meantime...please take a look around my shop - canvases, prints, t-shirts, mugs, cards - my nature-based artwork and photographs.

5% of profits go to World Land Trust - protecting threatened habitats and endangered species.

To reduce environmental impact materials are from sustainable sources. Products are produced and shipped locally.

Phil Barnett


Each day as I look at the Feathers calendar hanging on my office wall, a little piece of nature reminds me to pause and take time. With a curious eye and clever design free from branding, Phil's designs bring the outside in.

Alan Mee

Phil's work is so unique and it's wonderful that he's sharing his artistic talent.

His customer service is superb.

I have two T-shirts and one picture with his nature art and I often receive compliments when wearing the T-shirts.

I feel in today's fast-paced, more, more, more society, it's so important to support independent companies, especially when they have such a niche line of merchandise.

Jackie Walton

I have all The Id posters and they continue to inform and inspire me and others . What wonderful resources they are !

Katie Beswick

I ordered 4 cups, arrived very quickly. Absolutely beautiful. Very well printed and lovely, thank you! Will definitely order more.

Jess Alexander

My canvas is spectacular!!! I bought for my wife who loves kingfishers... It takes pride of place on our lounge wall.

Stephen B

I love Phil's work and am the proud owner of two of his printed t-shirts. The Hornbeam autumn leaves and the Windhover. For some reason I tend to wear these when out camping or gardening, makes me feel even closer to nature.

Kay van Beersum

Wonderful little learning aids to use when out and about

Natalie Welden

Instantly available for download. Great quality for my purpose.


We forget we all take our shape as humans from such microscopic beginnings. Phil Barnett has a way of seeing the reflected glories of the very small in the very big. Phil has the skill and the artistry to remind me, human being, that I am made up of, related to and thus filled with the joy of recognition, when he presents me with his fabulous with it's often dramatic views of our place in our micro-inheritance!

Peter Pilley

I will be adding many new images and items over the coming weeks - stay tuned!

If you would like any of the images on this site, in other formats, or something bespoke, or you have suggestions please get in touch.